Winner of the University of West England Poem of the Month Competition Feburary 2017 🙂

‘The crystallising light is now unclear

The young buds have yet a frost to endure

While some beings frolic,

Others cower in fright

The ginger tom cat stalks pursuing the females

as the lion

tends to his wound and tries to take the thorn out of his own paw.

The fox decides to seek new pastures

Once known as friend, it is now seen as foe


it would still have others’ harvest if it could.

The bear is poised

To strike or to hibernate

The current climate confuses it

If it did strike, would it be because of an intruder?

Or because it wanted to make it’s presence felt?

The birds can’t find their way home for the winter

Their migration path has subverted

There has been a colossal shift

In landmarks once thought stable

A mother pheasant can’t tend to her brood

As she instinctively knows how to do

Her young are picked off by the hunt

A broody hen tries to hatch some eggs

To carry on her bloodline to the new generation

But the eggs are not viable

She carries on regardless in some vain hope

A golden retriever wanders by and tries to join the fray

Because somebody told him it would be fun

Every being has a choice

Whether to stake a claim

Or scavenge through the after-effects and find fault

To use one’s voice is

vulnerability, strength.

privilege and right.’